What Doesn’t Go Bump in the Night?

by Eric Cohen As Halloween rolls around, thoughts always go toward things dark and creepy. Eerie and mysterious. And, of course, jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating. This year, however, I’m thinking about the scary side of charging an electric vehicle. I’ve spoken to a lot of EV owners (and EV wannabes) over the past two…

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EV Charging: Don’t Get Stuck in the Speed Trap

By Amy Barzdukas, CMO, WiTricity The shift from traditional gas- and diesel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is here – and it’s a huge shift in many ways. In fact, the last time we felt a vehicle transition shift of this magnitude, was the change from horse and buggy to the horseless carriage. And, just like…

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What Drains the Battery in a Car or EV? 7 Common Culprits

There are a lot of misconceptions about what drains the battery in a car the most. Vehicle owners – especially EV owners – have to think about range. What can you do to enhance the battery performance in your EV? Check out this list to see if you’re taking the right steps to keep your…

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PC Mag – Wireless EV Charging Is Coming: Here’s How It Works

Ready to swap a bulky electric vehicle charging setup for a wireless mat? Automakers and companies like WiTricity are making it happen. PCMag got an up-close look at WiTricity’s technology at the MOVE America 2023 Conference in Austin last month. What we saw paints a rosier future for EVs—one where drivers won’t need to wrangle…

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5 Key Myths of Wireless EV Charging

Wireless EV charging sounds almost too good to be true. But it’s not! There are FIVE key myths out there and it’s likely you’ve heard them. Or you’ve read about them. But now you can see them – the five biggest myths about wireless EV charging. From wireless charging being real to wireless charging being…

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Ahh … For the Good Old Days

People tend to long for the good old days. Nostalgia is in vogue. But, nostalgia is more than just entertainment – many people use it as a way to cope. In times of intense change, nostalgia can become that area of calm … a welcome respite. So with all the change and challenge the world…

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Five Myths of Wireless Charging

You’ve heard them. You’ve read about them. Now see them – the five biggest myths about wireless EV charging. Learn why they’re myths and how wireless charging makes your life easier. Let’s face it. We HATE cords. Why would you want to put another cord in your life?

Boston Globe: Imagine Charging an EV Without Plugging it In

Electric car owners constantly fret over keeping their vehicle’s battery charged. In Alex Gruzen’s world, they won’t even think about it. Now, several Asian carmakers are using the WiTricity system to let drivers recharge their electric vehicles by parking over a charging pad. Just park the car directly above a charging pad at night, and…

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