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Luxury EV Buyers Demand Latest Technology

Electric vehicles are going mainstream – it’s not just the early adopters who want them. And, more and more mainstream automakers have introduced, or will shortly introduce, new EV models of their luxury marques. It’s important, however, that the wants and needs of the luxury car buyer aren’t forgotten in this transition. And what do…

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Factory Automation with Mobile Robots: A Natural Fit for Wireless Charging

The automotive industry is changing, and the automotive assembly plant is transforming with it. Not only are car manufacturers building different types of vehicles (electric vs. internal combustion) and different models, but the way they’re building them is changing. A key component of automotive assembly plant makeovers is automated guided vehicles (AGVs) specially designed for…

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Meet Your EV Consumer, Volume 2

At WiTricity, we’re passionate about wireless charging to accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles. But it’s not just us: consumers who love EVs want wireless charging, too. This is our second volume of EV owner profiles that provides insights into how EV owners feel about driving EVs, what led them to making an EV decision,…

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AM Radio and Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles

One question that continually arises about wireless charging for electric vehicles is, “Does EV wireless charging interfere with AM radio?” The answer is, “No.” WiTricity’s wireless power transfer system for EVs (WPT-EV) does not interfere in any appreciable way with AM radio. Yet, some people continue to claim it does.  This whitepaper provides an in-depth…

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Wireless EV Charging for Government Fleets

With the US Government’s electrification milestones and investments to dramatically accelerate EV adoption, there is a corresponding need to significantly expand the EV charging network in the US. Wireless EV charging has been specifically identified by the US Government as an important part of the overall EV charging network for both commercial and US Government…

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Meet Your EV Consumer

We know that among U.S. drivers planning to buy an EV in the next two years, 96% find wireless EV charging appealing. We also know that up to 70% are more likely to buy an EV if they could charge it wirelessly. More importantly, we know that the real people who are EV drivers aren’t…

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Leave the Filling Station Behind

Wireless charging changes how, when, and where EVs will “fill up” – and makes charging as easy as park, and charge. This paper discusses the paradigm shift for today’s EV drivers and why DCFC is not a practical or realistic solution for a vast majority of them. It explains how wireless, distributed charging will make…

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The Next Wireless Revolution: Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging

This white paper goes beyond “Park. And charge” to explain the power and efficiency of wireless charging and the future of electrified, shared, and autonomous transportation. It also delves into the speed and efficiency of wireless EV charging while explaining the economic and practical considerations of wireless charging. Learn how fast, safe, and efficient wireless…

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It’s Time to End the DCFC Arms Race

Although the world is going EV, everyone is still stuck in a gas pump frame of mind. The shift to EVs is every bit as big of a paradigm shift as the one that saw the horse and buggy give way to automobiles at the turn of the last century. Charging needs to be easy,…

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