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Why OEMs Should Care about SAE’s Latest Wireless Charging Standard

by Ky Sealy, Sr. Principal Engineer, WiTricity SAE International recently announced that the organization had agreed on Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS) as the technology alignment methodology for the SAE J2954 standard. This is a great addition to the existing J2954 standard that was first ratified in 2020. But what does this mean? In short:…

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PC Mag – Wireless EV Charging Is Coming: Here’s How It Works

Ready to swap a bulky electric vehicle charging setup for a wireless mat? Automakers and companies like WiTricity are making it happen. PCMag got an up-close look at WiTricity’s technology at the MOVE America 2023 Conference in Austin last month. What we saw paints a rosier future for EVs—one where drivers won’t need to wrangle…

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Boston Globe: Imagine Charging an EV Without Plugging it In

Electric car owners constantly fret over keeping their vehicle’s battery charged. In Alex Gruzen’s world, they won’t even think about it. Now, several Asian carmakers are using the WiTricity system to let drivers recharge their electric vehicles by parking over a charging pad. Just park the car directly above a charging pad at night, and…

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Wireless charging for EVs is coming soon — and you’ll love it

Mark Phelan, auto critic and columnist for the Detroit Free Press, recently tested what may be the next big thing in electric vehicle charging in a parking lot on the edge of Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. “I maneuvered a Ford Mustang Mach-E astride an 11-kW wireless pad that charged the EV faster than the 240-volt home…

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Wireless Charging Helps Improve EV Purchase Consideration

Wireless EV chargers eliminate many of the hassles and snags that are sapping the performance and reliability of plug-in chargers, according to Richard Truett, reporter covering technology and engineering for Automotive News. “After testing a wireless charging system made by WiTricity Corp., there’s no doubt in my mind that it is far better than any…

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Wireless EV Charging Company WiTricity Wins Major Investments, Partnership As Cord-Free Charging Expands

Concerns of where they’ll plug in an electric vehicle to replenish its charge is a major obstacle for many consumers not ready to trade in their gas burners for battery-powered rides. It’s also an inconvenience and efficiency issue for commercial operations using battery-electric robots and transport vehicles. But WiTricity, a global developer of wireless charging technology, is now attracting millions…

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Wiferion Enters into Global License Agreement with WiTricity for Industrial Wireless Charging Applications

Wireless charging has the potential to ease the burden of the supply chain through uninterrupted operations and industrial automation     The agreement will allow Wiferion to use WiTricity’s wireless charging IP in the space of industrial applications Wireless charging increases factory uptime 32% through efficiencies gained from in-process charging that allows continual autonomous operations Wireless charging…

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