Why OEMs Should Care about SAE’s Latest Wireless Charging Standard

by Ky Sealy, Sr. Principal Engineer, WiTricity SAE International recently announced that the organization had agreed on Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS) as the technology alignment methodology for the SAE J2954 standard. This is a great addition to the existing J2954 standard that was first ratified in 2020. But what does this mean? In short:…

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Japan’s Love for Technology and Convenience is a Perfect Match for Wireless EV Charging

Japan is a country known for a deep-rooted appreciation for technology, a persistent pursuit of convenience, and a love for innovative solutions to everyday challenges. In a world where electric vehicle (EV) adoption is growing rapidly, Japan’s unique circumstances make it a prime candidate for the widespread adoption of wireless charging technology. The Space Dilemma…

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Benefits of EV Driving: Are the Challenges Worth Ownership?

It seems that, wherever you look, electric vehicles are in the news. People either love them or hate them – there’s no in between! A lot of the “hate” seems based upon misconceptions (or myths) and unrealized benefits of EVs. We like busting myths at WiTricity so here goes: Common EV Misconceptions You Might Have…

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7 Steps to Electrifying Your Fleet

by Eric Cohen If you manage a fleet, I’m sure that electrifying it is something you think about often. How? When? How much? The more answers you get, the more questions arise. Here are seven steps that can help get you started. Know when it’s the right time to electrify How do you know when…

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The 80% Rule: Why You Shouldn’t Charge Your EV to 100%

By Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse There are rules for everything. Pay your taxes… wear pants… don’t drive on the sidewalk … and if you own an electric vehicle, you need to be aware of the “80% rule.” Why is 80% an important number if you own an electric car, crossover, or pick-up? There…

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10 Tips for EV Etiquette

By Craig Cole, Senior Editor EV Pulse Do you know how to be a good electric vehicle owner? Electric vehicles are different, and a lot of drivers don’t have experience with them, so they don’t know the best ways to use their battery-powered cars and trucks. To help you avoid any faux pas, here are…

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How You Charge Your EV Battery Matters

by Morris Kesler, CTO, and Oguz Atasoy, Senior Staff Scientist, WiTricity Based on the popularity of our 80% Rule blog post, it’s obvious there’s a lot of interest in increasing an electric vehicle’s battery life. So here are two additional tips for charging that can have a direct impact on your battery’s lifetime. Using a…

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What Doesn’t Go Bump in the Night?

by Eric Cohen As Halloween rolls around, thoughts always go toward things dark and creepy. Eerie and mysterious. And, of course, jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating. This year, however, I’m thinking about the scary side of charging an electric vehicle. I’ve spoken to a lot of EV owners (and EV wannabes) over the past two…

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EV Charging: Don’t Get Stuck in the Speed Trap

By Amy Barzdukas, CMO, WiTricity The shift from traditional gas- and diesel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is here – and it’s a huge shift in many ways. In fact, the last time we felt a vehicle transition shift of this magnitude, was the change from horse and buggy to the horseless carriage. And, just like…

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What Drains the Battery in a Car or EV? 7 Common Culprits

There are a lot of misconceptions about what drains the battery in a car the most. Vehicle owners – especially EV owners – have to think about range. What can you do to enhance the battery performance in your EV? Check out this list to see if you’re taking the right steps to keep your…

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