What Doesn’t Go Bump in the Night?

by Eric Cohen

As Halloween rolls around, thoughts always go toward things dark and creepy. Eerie and mysterious. And, of course, jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating.

This year, however, I’m thinking about the scary side of charging an electric vehicle. I’ve spoken to a lot of EV owners (and EV wannabes) over the past two years (check out the Charger blog posts or the two eBooks). Inevitably, their stories turn to the dark side of charging their electric vehicles. Whether it’s having to charge at a dimly lit location in the back of a parking lot, or only finding broken/non-functioning chargers, drivers find the situation frustrating and confounding. Many have relayed stories of finding a charger, scanning the area, jumping out to plug in, and quickly getting back in their car and locking the door until charging is completed. Is it ghosts they see off in the distance? Is it rain pelting down likes cats and dogs? Or is it the werewolves crying in the distance? Maybe it’s just that uneasy feeling you get when you’re the only one out there with no one around.

Wireless charging eliminates the scary side of EV charging. Simply park and charge. Whether it’s in front of Dracula’s castle or in a dark parking lot, with wireless EV charging there would be no need to get out of your car to charge. Pull over the charging pad and charging begins immediately. When you’re done,  you simply drive away and leave those ghosts in the dust!

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