Robert Lee is SMART

Robert Lee of Chester, Virginia has always liked the SMART car. Particularly the electric version. He started with a SmartForTwo gas vehicle in 2015 and then, three years later, he had an opportunity to upgrade to an electric vehicle (SmartForTwo EV). He liked that car and kept it for 18 months before giving the Chevy Bolt a try. “I thoroughly enjoyed the Bolt, but they had a problem with a batch of defective batteries.”

At the time Robert was ready to change cars, GM offered to buy his car back – for more than he paid for it! At his son’s urging, Robert acquired a Tesla Model 3 but found it was too much car. “Neither the Bolt or Tesla filled my love for the SMART car, so I went back and now drive a SMART EV (again). “I’m happy as can be driving my electric half car!”

“While the EPA lists a range of 58 miles, I can easily get 75 miles of around-town driving. I plug in my level 1 cable each evening, and by morning, I’m fully charged. If I’ve driven early, or it’s cold, I’ll add an extra boost with a level 2 charger around lunch. After nearly eight years of EV driving, I don’t plan to ever buy another ICE car again.”

Robert is patiently waiting for wireless EV charging. He’s also waiting for SMART cars to come back to the United States. “They’re big sellers in Europe.; they’ve missed the boat by pulling out of the U.S. market.”

“I like the simplicity and convenience of wireless charging,” Robert stated. “I would really enjoy getting rid of cables. I’ve seen the Rube Goldberg contraptions with an arm to plug in an EV. Why? With wireless charging, simply pull in over the charging pad and start charging. You don’t even need to remember to charge the car.”

Robert also likes the idea of Powersnacking™. “Being able to get an extra boost of power throughout the day when I’m out running errands? Wow. I’d never bother plugging in when at the store or a restaurant. It’s too much of a hassle. The freedom to simply park and charge takes no effort and gives me the charge I need.”

Now that’s smart.

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