Ensuring Interoperability for Wireless EV Charging

By Morris Kesler, CTO, WiTricity

We are thrilled today to be part of the CharIN Taskforce working with Siemens, Mahle, and others to fill in the gaps in the current standards for wireless EV charging. WiTricity has been working for over a decade with the SAE, GB, IEC, and ISO groups to create the standards that will provide confidence to the automotive industry and to consumers that wireless EV charging will simply work.

It was great to see the wireless charging community come together both in person and virtually at the Siemens HQ to kick off the task force. Many OEMs and suppliers committed to participate and help make the task force a success. Kudos to Siemens for hosting and providing the opportunity to meet in person.

I’ve had the opportunity in my career to work with many different standards bodies – so while it is easy to take for granted the fact that our cellphones connect to service, our Bluetooth headphones will connect to our PCs, and that our PCs will connect to Wi-Fi, the truth is that all of these connections are possible because of the global technology standards that exist and the hard work of the industry players to come together and iron out the details.

The work that this taskforce will do within CharIN will ensure that any EV equipped with the technology will be able to charge at any wireless charger, and Charge Point Operators can invest in public infrastructure. Charging an EV should not be a hassle, and this work is designed to make it easy to cut the cord.

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