What is Bi-Directional Charging and Why Do You Need it?

by Guest Blogger, Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse If you’ve never owned an electric vehicle, there are a lot of confusing terms, like kilowatt-hour… plug-in hybrid… heat pump… and CHAdeMO. Another one that a lot of drivers don’t understand – or even know about – is something called bi-directional charging, but it’s a feature…

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Wireless is Where Electric Vehicles Need to Be

by Eric Cohen Buffalo is no stranger to snow, but a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm brought the city to its knees. As the December 2022 storm raged for days, dumping four feet of snow and packing winds as high as 70 miles per hour, Jacob Szczygiel hunkered down and ensured everything was safe at home. He had…

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EV Maintenance vs. ICE Maintenance

By Guest Blogger Craig Cole, Senior Editor, EV Pulse All vehicles need maintenance, even electrics. But did you know electric vehicles generally require way less service than conventional gas- or diesel-powered cars and trucks? It’s true. Routine ICE and EV maintenance … you’ve got to do it if you want your vehicle to work properly…

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Getting to Know ABT e-Line

A few weeks ago, WiTricity announced that, with ABT e-Line, we will be bringing wireless EV charging to the streets of Europe. With extensive experience working with the Volkswagen Group (VW), ABT e-Line will initially upgrade the VW ID.4 to support wireless charging from WiTricity, with availability targeted for early 2024. The company plans to…

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EV vs ICE: Surprising Differences in Efficiency, Cost, and Impact

Electric vehicles are all over the news thanks to their environmental impact, but what are the real differences between EV vs ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles? People new to EVs may be confused as to how they compare to the cars they’re used to driving with internal combustion engines.  Some of the differences might surprise…

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V2G and the Powersnack™: How Does it Work?

V2G and EVs: How Does it Work? Industry buzz words get bandied about assuming everyone understands what they mean. But, in many instances, people don’t understand or there are multiple definitions. So, to ensure we’re all starting from the same place, let’s define V2G – short for Vehicle-to-Grid – and why it’s an important element…

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Electric Vehicles Making Electric Vehicles

by Eric Cohen If you read the news – or follow our blogs – you know that WiTricity is focused on delivering wireless charging for electric vehicles. But as you know through your own daily activities, wireless charging is used for many other purposes, including your phone. It’s also used for many commercial applications, like…

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See Wireless EV Charging in Action

FAW is a car brand you likely don’t know, despite the fact that it’s one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. In 2021; FAW delivered 3.5 million vehicles to customers. FAW is also a brand that regularly breaks new ground with emerging technologies and advanced features. They are the first car manufacturer in…

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