What do luxury car owners want in an electric vehicle?

by Amy Barzdukas

WiTricity has commissioned a number of research reports to see if consumers want wireless charging for their electric cars and if they are willing to pay for it – and the overwhelming consensus has been “yes” and “yes.” Virtually everyone (96%) wants wireless EV charging, and they deem it a feature that they would happily pay more for.[1] And they value it more than many other premium features, like upgraded seats and automated parking.[2]

That made me wonder: would automotive brand loyalists switch for wireless charging? (Anyone besides me remember the old Carleton print ads that said their loyal smokers would rather “fight than switch?”)

We thought we’d find out. We’ll publish the full results of the survey soon, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Not surprisingly, these owners are loyal. (Almost to a fault.) Nearly three-quarters have owned their luxury vehicle for 1-3 years, with over half having owned the same luxury brand previously. And almost 8 in 10 of those owners are “very” to “extremely likely” to purchase the brand again next time they purchase a vehicle.
  • And yes, they DO expect their favorite brand to produce electric cars – and most of them would be likely to consider their brand when they purchase an EV.

But would they switch?

The answer is YES. Luxury EV buyers have high expectations for the quality of their brand and their brand’s EVs. They expect their car manufacturer to ensure their EVs have the best and latest technology. And they expect their car manufacturer to include wireless charging in their electric vehicles. (And they’re willing to pay extra for it.)

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[1] Two waves of research have come to the same answer. You can read more here and here.

[2] Details are in this whitepaper.


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