WiTricity wireless EV charging

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Charge Anxiety

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WiTricity builds wireless electric vehicle charging solutions that will let your customers Charge Happy™ and help you build brand loyalty for your auto platforms. You won’t worry about charging, and neither will your customers.
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Unmatched engineering expertise

We know wireless vehicle charging, inside and out. We pioneered wireless power transfer and have years of hands-on experience across our global engineering offices in building, testing, and tuning wireless EV charging.

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Commitment to quality

Our design and manufacturing capabilities are automotive grade. We are already manufacturing at scale and put our charging solutions through the harsh testing that proves out in the real world.

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Depth and breadth in automotive deployment

Now developing our 5th generation of wireless charging solutions, we have previous generations that have been tested and deployed by global OEMs.

We are hiring!

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A Note from our CEO


“We make it possible for you to charge your electric vehicle wirelessly. Just as fast as plugging in. With WiTricity, charging is now easier and more convenient.”

Press release

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